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Wireless Solutions For Healthcare
High-performance Wi-Fi heals healthcare

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With tablets, smart phones and wireless equipment now the norm in healthcare, keeping everything connected and operating is critical. With Xirrus, you get a Wi-Fi network that’s easy to deploy and operate while providing unmatched reliability. Even better, Xirrus solutions offer location services that make it easy to track equipment and patients in real time. Xirrus is the only Wi-Fi vendor that offers you:

Xirrus Delivers Reliable and Robust Wi-Fi for Healthcare

A doctor visit today is different than in the past. Mobile networking is intricately linked to how healthcare organizations interact with patients, doctors, nurses, and healthcare equipment. Wi-Fi is required for assistedcare facilites to monitor residents and emergency services. Records are online, appointments are scheduled via the Internet, and onsite services are requested through email. Hospitals use Wi-Fi networks to help with EHR access, nurse point of care, physicians prescription entry, and physicians point of care. Unfortunately, healthcare Wi-Fi is lagging behind in supporting these demands due to:

Healthcare organizations need fast, secure, and manageable Wi-Fi to increase productivity, meet requirements, and provide more services to patients while minimizing costs.

Xirrus Benefits

Healthcare DeploymentThe Xirrus Difference

Xirrus delivers an application-aware Wi-Fi platform designed to deliver a highly secure and reliable networkto meet healthcare demands. Xirrus' high performance wireless solutions helps IT deploy new applications—either from the cloud or from hybrid data centers—as well as deploying voice and videobased collaborative services over a robust, RF-optimized WLAN.

Xirrus solutions reduce the operational overhead by automating provisioning, self-registration for guests, policy definition, and enforcement from the cloud.

Xirrus solutions provide multi-layered security with integrated guest services, BYOD user onboarding, integration with existing IT infrastructure, and segregation of sensitive traffic to address the exposure to security threats.

Highly Reliable, High Performance Access

Hospitals and assisted living facilities must design a highly reliable wireless network around sensitive medical devices, banks of elevators, and radiology equipment to run critical patient care applications. Deploying clinical applications, patient care tools, and other communications services like VoWiFI is a significant challenge. Xirrus has built a comprehensive line of Wi-Fi solutions that scale so you can easily meet your network needs.

BYOD Management

Doctors, patients, visitors, and residents' families all bring personal devices into health organizations' networks. This can create security risks from network incursions with sensitive patient data. Xirrus allows you to manage security pressures, prevent fines, and protect hospital interests with solutions to securely manage guests and BYOD devices on the network.

Application Control

Xirrus solutions are the industry's first to integrate next generation application recognition and control at the network edge in every AP.Application Control ensures critical medical usage is prioritized to ensure a rock solid, reliable user experience.

Automated, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

Great hardware without great software is of little value. That's why Xirrus developed the XMS-Cloud management system. XMS-Cloud is an easy-touse, automated Wi-Fi management solution that lets you intuitively configure, monitor, and manage your wireless network. For on-premise network management, Xirrus also offers XMS-Enterprise.

Make the Smart Choice. Choose Xirrus

It’s a Wi-Fi world. Doctors use laptops, tablets, and phones in their jobs more than pens and prescription pads. Technology doesn’t stand still, and you must meet both increasing patient needs and government compliance requirements. You need a Wi-Fi system that can keep up with the times. Count on Xirrus to help your health organization make the grade.



Download the Xirrus Wireless Solutions For Healthcare Industry Brief (PDF).