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Interactive Learning
The Digital Classroom Makes The Grade With Wireless Networking.

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Interactive Learning in the classroom is allowing students to not only learn through traditional teaching methods, but also through video sharing, electronic books, digital presentations, etc., all on a variety of wireless devices. For networks not designed to handle wireless capabilities, this push for Interactive Learning can be a challenge. Nowadays, networks must be designed for 100% pervasive coverage, and wired-like reliability and performance. They must not only meets today's demands, but should be able to seamlessly scale as wireless demands grow, accommodating all future requirements.

Providing a wireless digital classroom requires a variety of considerations. Identifying the appropriate educational applications/software, selecting the correct mobile devices (laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.) for your environment, and building a wireless infrastructure can be a struggle without the correct network. You need one that provides the coverage necessary with a level of reliability equal to that of a wired classroom.

The Xirrus Array and AP were engineered to do just this. The Xirrus wireless solution is able to scale to meet any capacity requirements, without the need to rip and replace products. When additional capacity is required, pluggable radio modules available for our Arrays enable upgrades from 300Mbps to 450Mbps, or in the future to 802.11ac or 802.11ad technologies. When more capacity is required, additional radio modules can be plugged in to existing Arrays to add capacity without requiring additional cable to be pulled or additional switch ports to be connected.

Key Benefits: